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NATO Defense and Deterrence

Atlantic Voices | NATO Military Exercises & Deterrence

Atlantic Voices, Volume 6, Issue 04 – April 2016 Deciding to attack an opponent is often the result of a rational choice calculation whereby the gains...

BRIEF THE BRIEFERS | NATO officials and ATA representatives coordinate strategic...

On October 15th, a selected group of ATA members took part in a day of briefings at NATO Headquarters for a new ATA program...

Trident Juncture | Essay competition for young professionals

  Trident Juncture is the greatest joint excercise of NATO forces that will take place in October 2015. For this occasion the Atlantic Treaty Association in collaboration...


US Officials in Europe: A Glass Half-Full

By Former ATA President Ambassador Robert Hunter published by The European Institute.  Last week, the senior leadership of the new Trump Administration turned out in full...

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