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RIGA CONFERENCE 2016 | October 28-29, 2016, Riga, Latvia

ATA Vice President Prof. Julian Lindley-French moderated the Panel "Resilience: Renaissance of Total Defence?". The Rīga Conference, a flagship engagement in the Baltic states, has...

Leangkollen | 51st Annual Security Conference in Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Atlantic Committee will host their 51st  Annual Security Conference on 1st -2nd of February 2016 which will take place at the Norwegian Nobel...

Terrorism: developing counter-measures against an unidentified enemy

The work of the international summit on the fight against terrorism of 2005 led the UN General Assembly to adopt the first UN’s strategy against terrorism on July 8th 2006. This strategy entails an Action Plan that aims to counteract the development of conditions that favour terrorism, to combat it, take measures to reinforce States’ capacities, reinforce the UN’s role, and respect human rights in the fight against terrorism. In addition, the G8, the European Union, NATO, the Organization of American States and the Arab League have been acting in trying to determine the causes of extremism, identify its roots and counteract its negative effects.


The Future Tasks of the Alliance: 50 Years After the Harmel...

Fifty years ago, the Harmel Report “has shown that the Alliance is a dynamic and vigorous organization which is constantly adapting itself to changing...

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