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Atlantic Voices | Yemen: A Regional Problem With International Consequences

Atlantic Voices, Volume 6, Issue 11 – November 2016 One of the Arab world’s poorest nations, Yemen has been torn apart by a civil war since...
terror going east from Afghanistan and Iraq to Pakistan, India, Bengladesh

Global Extremism & South Asia

Covering an area of almost two million square miles and home to over a quarter of the world’s population, current regional and global developments...
Representatives from NATO, NATO member countries and ICI partners at the North Atlantic Council–ICI seminar in Doha, Qatar

Atlantic Voices | NATO’s Bilateral Security Cooperation in MENA

Atlantic Voices, Volume 5, Issue 9 – September 2015 First and foremost, NATO seeks to secure the Euro-Atlantic region. First built to encompass countries on...


The Future Tasks of the Alliance: 50 Years After the Harmel...

Fifty years ago, the Harmel Report “has shown that the Alliance is a dynamic and vigorous organization which is constantly adapting itself to changing...

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