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Atlantic Voices | Yemen: A Regional Problem With International Consequences

Atlantic Voices, Volume 6, Issue 11 – November 2016 One of the Arab world’s poorest nations, Yemen has been torn apart by a civil war since...
terror going east from Afghanistan and Iraq to Pakistan, India, Bengladesh

Global Extremism & South Asia

Covering an area of almost two million square miles and home to over a quarter of the world’s population, current regional and global developments...
Representatives from NATO, NATO member countries and ICI partners at the North Atlantic Council–ICI seminar in Doha, Qatar

Atlantic Voices | NATO’s Bilateral Security Cooperation in MENA

Atlantic Voices, Volume 5, Issue 9 – September 2015 First and foremost, NATO seeks to secure the Euro-Atlantic region. First built to encompass countries on...


Opening Address Fabrizio W. Luciolli President Atlantic Treaty Association

Opening Address  by Fabrizio W. LUCIOLLI, President of the Atlantic Treaty Association and Italian Atlantic Committee during the ATA Conference “NATO-EU Cooperation after the Warsaw...

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