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Atlantic Voices | Partners Across the Globe: Stretching the Transatlantic Bond

Atlantic Voices, Volume 6, Issue 10 – October 2016 Since its creation, NATO has tremendously changed. Starting from an Alliance that connected Western Europe with...
Uniforms of international soldiers together

Atlantic Voices | Cooperative Security & Smart Defense

Atlantic Voices, Volume 6, Issue 5 - May 2016 How can NATO address new and potent security challenges with limited financial means? This is the...
Map showing the increase of temperatures in 2014 compared to 1884. (Image: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio)

Atlantic Voices | Climate Security

Atlantic Voices, Volume 5, Issue 12 – December 2015 It is  difficult today to refute that climate change is in progress. When the effects used to...
The flags of Montenegro and NATO

Atlantic Voices | Montenegro in NATO

Atlantic Voices, Volume 5, Issue 12 – December 2015 By formally inviting Montenegro to begin the accession talks, NATO has opened itself to a seventh round...

Atlantic Voices | Nuclear Security

Atlantic Voices, Volume 5, Issue 11 - November 2015 The introduction of nuclear weapons into a state’s arsenal decisively changed the context of international relations and...
Representatives from NATO, NATO member countries and ICI partners at the North Atlantic Council–ICI seminar in Doha, Qatar

Atlantic Voices | NATO’s Bilateral Security Cooperation in MENA

Atlantic Voices, Volume 5, Issue 9 – September 2015 First and foremost, NATO seeks to secure the Euro-Atlantic region. First built to encompass countries on...
Cyber Defence

Atlantic Voices | Information Warfare: the examples of the Islamic State...

Information warfare is not a new concept as the recourse to propaganda and misinformation is a frequent tool to reinforce one’s camp and counteract the potential impact of the opponent. This issue focuses on these two cases in an effort to discuss the implications of information warfare for the security of the Euro-Atlantic region and the world at large.

Atlantic voices | Countering Illicit Trafficking And Organized Crime Worldwide

Atlantic Voices, is ATA’s monthly journal on transatlantic security, featuring the analysis of young professionals from across the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond in order to provide our readers with a wealth of knowledge on relevant security issues throughout the Alliance from a youth perspective.


The Future Tasks of the Alliance: 50 Years After the Harmel...

Fifty years ago, the Harmel Report “has shown that the Alliance is a dynamic and vigorous organization which is constantly adapting itself to changing...

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