ATA Members Conferences & Events

ATA Members Conferences & Events

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NATO – EU Cooperation | November 16, 2016, Brussels

NATO – EU COOPERATION  AFTER THE WARSAW SUMMIT:  COUNTERING HYBRID WARFARE Brussels, European Parliament, 16 November 2016, 16.15h  In coordination with  ATLANTIC TREATY ASSOCIATION and MUST & PARTNERS  Supported by  NATO PUBLIC DIPLOMACY DIVISION PHOTO GALLERY PODCAST FRAMEWORK The current international security environment features new threats and challenges for both NATO and EU member countries,...

NATO Days, Czech Republic | 17-18 September 2016, Ostrava

As the biggest public diplomacy engagement within the Alliance, the 16th edition of the NATO Day in Ostrava, organized by the Czech Euro-Atlantic Council, was attended for the first time by ATA Secretary General Jason Wiseman. ATA Secretary General engaged the audience as a...

To Be Secure Forum (2BS) | 5-7 May 2016, Montenegro

ATA participated at the 2016 edition of the 2BS FORUM, the annual high-level politico-security forum which is a leading International Forum in SEE organized by the Atlantic Council of Montenegro. ATA President spoke in panel II “EU and Southeast Europe: Failure to protect borders” outlining...

ACM Conference 04/04/2016, “Perspective of the Armed Forces of Montenegro within NATO Structure”

The round table Perspective of the Armed Forces of Montenegro within NATO Structure was organized by the Atlantic Council of Montenegro in cooperation with NATO and the Council for NATO Membership's Communication Team, with a view to gather relevant military and political actors, as well as...

Globsec 2016 | 15-17 April, Bratislava

video  THE PREMIER FORUM IN CENTRAL EUROPE Current global security situation demands a strong platform for policy-makers to discuss and employ solutions to the most urgent issues. For the eleventh consecutive year GLOBSEC will essentially contribute to the shaping of regional, European and wider transatlantic policy...

Leangkollen | 51st Annual Security Conference in Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Atlantic Committee will host their 51st  Annual Security Conference on 1st -2nd of February 2016 which will take place at the Norwegian Nobel Institute and at Leangkollen Conference Centre in Asker. This year's Conference, titled “NATO’s Southern Flank: Great Powers, Jihadists, and Refugees” will...

ATA Conference | Countering Information War in Ukraine – Odesa

Countering Information War in Ukraine
On October7th, the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) in partnership with the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center and NATO-Ukraine Civic League, and with the support of NATO Public Diplomacy Division, organized a conference “Counter-balancing Information War in Ukraine” held in Odesa Province State Administration. The conference gathered regional key stakeholders to discuss the influence of pro-separatist propaganda in local media and design an effective strategy to promote media objectiveness.

The Riga Conference 2015

The Rīga Conference has taken pride in itself as the meeting place of local and global elites since its inception in 2006. In the past, we have been honored with the presence of countless heads of state, heads of government, ministers, NATO and EU officials,...

2BS Forum : Western Balkans and Euro-Atlantic Integration

  The 2BS FORUM (To Be Secure Forum) is an annual high-level forum which deals with issues of global, Euro-Atlantic and security in SEE. The main characteristic of this Forum is the participation of numerous high officials, prominent academics and experts in security policy and related state management. The...

GLOBSEC 2015 : Central Europe on the map of transatlantic thinking

GLOBSEC puts Central Europe on the map of transatlantic thinking. Regional dimension of the Forum is emphasized by the participation of highest level decision- -makers from the Visegrad Group and wider Central European region alongside their Euro-Atlantic partners. GLOBSEC moves the region from the periphery to the core of transatlantic policy shaping, giving Central Europe a respected voice in the creation of the transatlantic agenda.


Opening Address Fabrizio W. Luciolli President Atlantic Treaty Association

Opening Address  by Fabrizio W. LUCIOLLI, President of the Atlantic Treaty Association and Italian Atlantic Committee during the ATA Conference “NATO-EU Cooperation after the Warsaw...

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