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Junaid Qureshi is Director of the European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) based in Amsterdam. He is also a writer/columnist for Kashmiri, Indian and Pakistani newspapers on topics ranging from Terrorism, Human Rights and Geo-Politics of the Subcontinent. Through its policy-oriented research, EFSAS strives to elucidate events in South Asia and formulate strategies that shape public discourse concerning the region in order to promote peace, security, and sustainable development. EFSAS provides strategic in-depth analysis, research, statistical data, policy advice and forecasts related to developments in the fields of politics, international relations, conflict management, human rights, security, diplomacy, strategic affairs and conflict resolution in South Asia. Their core specialization is in the fields of Terrorism, Indo-Pak relations and the Jammu & Kashmir conflict and their greatest strength lies in the application of comparative regional analysis and research. It furnishes decision-making institutions, opinion-makers, civil society and academics with high-quality policy analysis and recommendations regarding South Asia. For more about EFSAS, please visit their website:


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