Atlantic Voices | NATO’s Special Meeting

Source: NATO

Atlantic Voices, Volume 7, Issue 06 – June 2017

On May 25, 2017, NATO leaders gathered at the new headquarters in Brussels for a Special Meeting.  This long anticipated meeting, not least because it was President Trump’s first NATO meeting,  was supposed to provide clarity as to whether the Allies see eye to eye on a range of issues that have been troubling the Alliance recently. The outcomes seem to be mixed.

The first article discusses the lack of a common narrative within the Alliance, which makes a common approach to external challenges very difficult. The second article is a long-read that provides an overview of the progress that NATO has made since the Wales Summit in 2014. NATO should be aware, though, that this progress is at risk of being undone, due to internal divisions that arise along three lines: bilateral vs. multilateral; EU vs. NATO; and trans-Atlanticists vs. continentalists.


  • NATO’s Special Meeting: In Search of a Common Narrative

Mr. M. Bahadırhan Dinçaslan argues that the most important task NATO is facing today is to find a common narrative that allows the Allies to unite as one front, or else its adversaries will thrive in the power vacuum resulting from the Alliance’s internal struggles.

  • From Wales to Brussels: Analyzing NATO in the Trump Era

Ms. Michelle Shevin-Coetzee argues that NATO’s progress since the 2014 Wales Summit and the 2016 Warsaw Summit is at risk not just from the many external forces that will continue to challenge the Alliance, but also from within.