Atlantic Voices | President Trump’s First 100 Days

Source: WikiMedia
Source: WikiMedia

Atlantic Voices, Volume 7, Issue 05 – May 2017

During his campaign, Donald Trump openly questioned the usefulness of the Alliance, in addition to speaking friendly about Vladimir Putin. This alarmed some of his NATO partners, especially those in Eastern Europe. What kind of foreign and defence policy can they expect from the new U.S. President? 100 Days after his inauguration, what can be said about President Trump’s policies in these fields? How do they affect the Transatlantic relationship?

The first article argues that, so far, the Trump Administration’s foreign policy is characterized by confusion rather than coherence. In the second article, the author argues that despite the “America First” rhetoric, the American foreign policy under President Trump can at this point still be seen as fairly conventional.


  • Trump in the White House: 100 Days of Confusion

Mr. Philip Christian Ulrich attempts to discern what the defining features of President Trump’s foreign policy will be. This is no easy task considering that Donald Trump promised his electorate unpredictability during his campaign, a promise he seems intent to keep.

  • 100 Days of “America First”

Mr. Zebulon Carlander looks at whether the actions undertaken by the Trump Administration during its first 100 days in office are in line with the promises Donald Trump made as a candidate during his presidential campaign. How is Trump putting “America First”?

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