Atlantic Voices | NATO & the South Caucasus

Atlantic Voices, Volume 6, Issue 7 – July 2016

Located at the crossroad between Europe , Russia and the Middle East, and in between the Caspian and the Black Sea, the Caucasus is in a very advantageous location, which has encouraged regional powers from both the East and the West to influence it.  Traditionally in Russia’s sphere of influence, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are today split between two worlds. To the West, NATO offers stability and development, while Moscow appeals to their historical connection.

Political instability and regional tensions make this region unstable  as well as very heterogeneous. Each of the countries seem to have built their own models of development and political systems. Borders are also contested in the regions, as illustrated by the two frozen conflicts of Nagorno Karabakh between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and the secessionist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

This issue explores the complexity of the region: the first article focuses on the frozen conflicts; the second on Georgia’s halted access to the Alliance despite strong commitment; the third one focuses on the implications of the region for Europe’s energy security.


  • The South Caucasus’s Still Frozen Conflits

Mr. Xavier Follebouckt explores the frozen conflicts of the region and how they are utilized by Moscow to prevent the countries from joining NATO.

  • Welcoming a Caucasian Guest to the Alliance?

Mr. Roger Hilton focuses on Georgia, which has widely contributed to NATO’s operations and abided to its policies but whose accession to membership to the Alliance remains uncertain due to political constraints.

  • Energy Security in the South Caucasus

Ms. Kamilla Solieva analyzes the importance of the South Caucasus for Europe’s energy security in times of increasing tensions with their traditional energy provider, Russia

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