NATO SPS Advanced Research Workshop: May 18-20 in Stockholm, Sweden

NATO SPS Advanced Research Workshop

Critical Infrastructure Protection Against Hybrid Warfare Security Related Challenges

Stockholm – Sweden

19-20 May 2016


The workshop is organised by

ATA Atlantic Treaty Association - Association du Traité Atlantique svenska-atlantkommitten-300x63


The workshop aims to bring together experts and officials to share best practices and recommendations for addressing the hybrid warfare security related challenges and provide solutions to protect critical infrastructure.

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19 May 2016

Welcome Remarks

Göran LENNMARKER – Chairman, Swedish Atlantic Council, Sweden

Opening Address

Preparations For NATO’s Summit In Warsaw

Amb. Wieslaw TARKA – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to the Kingdom of Sweden

ATA – NATO SPS Programme: Strategic Partnership

Alessandro NIGLIA – Co-Director NATO ARW, Atlantic Treaty Association, Belgium


Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP): A Field For Multiple Players

This panel addresses the role of the international organizations and other relevant actors in the Protection of Critical Infrastructure. Representatives from International Organizations along with experts from Europe and the United States will outline the positive effects of sharing solutions and best-practices with the aim to facilitate a fruitful cooperation as a response to hybrid threats and non-military challenges.


Nicolas HENRY – Ltc. Deputy Director, NATO ENSEC COE


Cristoph CASTEX – Policy Officer, DG HOME, European Commission

Ben HILLER – Cyber Security Officer, Transnational Threats Department, OSCE

Andrea CHIAPPETTA – Director, European Services Institute, Italy

Daniel HAMILTON – Director, Center for Transatlantic Relations, SAIS, United States

Björn FÄGERSTEN – Head of EU Department, Swedish Institute for International Affairs, Sweden


Terrorist and Cyber-Attacks, Unstable Energy Supply, Social Media And Information Warfare, Sabotage, Corruption As Part Of The Hybrid Warfare Equation

Is it possible to prevent potential Hybrid Attacks by using Horizon scanning and strategic analysisThe panelists will discuss how to address the full spectrum of hybrid threats by providing specific examples outlining characteristics and effects of different hybrid warfare scenarios that occurred in previous conflicts. The discussion will aim to demonstrate how different actors can address these threats in a complementary and effective way. Furthermore, experts will provide their insights on new means of strategic analyses based on database consolidation and open source information.


Jason WISEMAN – Secretary General, Atlantic Treaty Association, Belgium
Speech available here.


Edoardo CAMILLI – CEO, Hozint – Horizon Intelligence S.p.r.l, Belgium

Antonia COLIBASANU – Honorary Adviser, International Affairs and Strategy, Ministry of Energy, Romania

Henrik BLIDDAL – Director, Science and Technology Committee, NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Anke SCHMIDT-FELZMANN – Researcher, Europe Research Program Department, Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Sweden

Mikael TOFVESSON – Director, Global Monitoring and Analysis Section, MSB, Sweden


polish_embassy_swedenDinner Reception Hosted By The Embassy of Poland In Sweden – NATO Contact Point Embassy

Welcome Remarks:

Amb. Wieslaw TARKA – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to the Kingdom of Sweden

Key Note Speaker:

Allan WIDMAN – Chairman, Defence Committee, Swedish Parliament


20 May 2016

How to Prevent, Detect And Respond To Emerging Security Challenges: A Perspective From The Private Sector 

Experts from the private sector will present in-depth details of the solutions that industries can provide to prevent hybrid threats. All the presentations will be used to collect and develop a set of tools that might be helpful in future hybrid war scenarios. Case studies will support speakers in their analysis.


Pal JONSON – Secretary General, Swedish Atlantic Council, Sweden


Gianni CUOZZO – Cyberwarfare and Military Intelligence Expert, COO Prism Warfare, Italy

Robert LIMMERGÅRD – Secretary General, Swedish Security and Defence Industry Association, Sweden

Gianluca BALDASSARE – Corporate International Development Director, VITROCISET, Italy

Drazen ZGALJIC – Director, Intermodal Transport Club, Croatia


Response To Hybrid Attacks: Is NATO’s Collective Response A Solution? Perspectives On The Way To The Warsaw Summit

The last NATO Summit in Wales was characterized by a complex and sensitive international political climate due to the Ukraine Crisis. The threats posed by the Russian Federation are still dangerous and unsolved. The Alliance’s uncertainty in responding to hybrid attacks makes the international security of Member and Partner countries unstable. This entails a rethinking process on art. 5 for collective defense in accordance with the 2010 Strategic Concept. NATO representatives, experts, private sector stakeholders and researchers will highlight the potential added value of NATO as a platform and facilitator in responding to the challenges of the XXI century.


Flemming SPLIDSBOEL HANSEN – Research Coordinator, Senior researcher, International Security, Danish Institute For International Studies


Julijus GRUBLIAUSKAS – Deputy Head, Energy Section, NATO ESCD

Julian LINDLEY-FRENCH – Vice-President at Atlantic Treaty Association, Belgium

Liviu LAZAR – Industry Relations Coordinator, Defence Investment Division, NATO

Tomas RIES – Professor of Emerging Security Challenges, Swedish Defence University, Sweden

Bengt SUNDELIUS – Strategic Advisor, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Sweden


Tools and Best Practices For Countering Hybrid Warfare and Protecting Critical Infrastructure

This session aims to collect the results and best practices that emerged during the presentations given by the speakers. In addition, the outcomes of the workshop will be collected in an official NATO publication.  


Alessandro NIGLIA – Co-Director NATO ARW, Atlantic Treaty Association, Belgium


Nicolas HENRY – Ltc. Deputy Director, NATO ENSEC COE

Jason WISEMAN – Secretary General, Atlantic Treaty Association, Belgium

Pal JONSON – Secretary General, Swedish Atlantic Council, Sweden

Flemming SPLIDSBOEL HANSEN – Research Coordinator, Senior researcher, International Security, Danish Institute For International Studies


This workshop is organised by

ATA Atlantic Treaty Association - Association du Traité Atlantique


in partnership with

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AtlanticCouncil_finland Sans titre


With the support of


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Senior Program Officer for European and International Affairs. He is responsible for managing the relations with the NATO SPS division. He is lead author and editor of the book "The Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructure Against Emerging Security Challenges” published by NATO. Alessandro has been selected by the IASSP (Istituto di Alti Studi Strategici e Politici per la Leadership in Milan) for the programme Indipendent Ph.D in Governance and Political culture. Prior, he worked at the EU Commission at DG Regio & Urban Policy and he was a Consultant at Capgemini working on the SAP-SRM Project for the European Space Agency (ESA). Futhermore, He collaborated with the Department of European Planning and Governance from Roma Capitale. He has graduated cum laude in Political Science and European Studies and holds a Post-Graduate Master in Geo-politics and Global Security.