ATA Conference | Countering Information War in Ukraine – Odesa

Countering Information War in Ukraine

On October7th, the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) in partnership with the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center and NATO-Ukraine Civic League, and with the support of NATO Public Diplomacy Division, organized a conference “Counter-balancing Information War in Ukraine” held in Odesa Province State Administration. The conference gathered regional key stakeholders to discuss the influence of pro-separatist propaganda in local media and design an effective strategy to promote media objectiveness.

The conference gathered participants from local media, representatives of Odesa Province State Administration, local NGOs, civil society activists, professors of political science and journalism, volunteers engaged in an active debate on the topic.

The conference culminated with the briefing given by Odesa Governor’s deputy and advisors, who shared their insights on the steps which should be taken in order to promote media objectiveness in the Odesa region.


Dmytro Raiskyi – Ukraine Project Manager at the Atlantic Treaty Association

Serhiy Dzherdzh – Head of the NATO-Ukraine Civic League

Tetyana Kolosova – Project Manager at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Yulia Marushevskaya – Odesa Governor’s Deputy

Yulia Kurokhtina – Odesa Governor’s Advisor

Solomiya Bobrovskaya – Odesa Governor’s Advisor

Olekasndr Salabay – Official Representative of Ukraine’s State Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting

Iryna Matsishina – Professor of Journalism at Mechikov State University

Svitlana Bondar – Professor of Journalism at Mechnikov State University

Inna Tereschenko – Conflict Studies Expert at Odesa State Mediation Group

Pavlo Kolotvin – Director of Odesa Institute of Political Information

Tetyana Kryvosheya – Candidate of Social Science, Ukraine Peacekeeping School





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Printed Press: SP-Press, Dumskaya Gazette, Slovo Prodnestroviya, Odesskiy Vestnik, Ukrainskyi Poglyad